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It started with a stoic horse and his sore back.

It’s strange, responsible dog and cat owners look after their pets in a pretty similar way, but when it comes to horses, EVERYONE has their own way, based on their own sense of what is right, wrong or well, “acceptable”.


Coming back in to horses later in life I found support lacking. Then finding knowledge, without being made to feel like an idiot, was actually rather hard. It was also very tricky to find a balance. You have the traditionalists and then natural and never the two should meet – but why?


Surely, we all want the same thing, happy,  healthy horses that can do their job – whatever that may be.


It can all become very difficult as it causes confrontation and defensiveness if you question and often you will hear, “because that’s how it’s always done…” – but why?

We have challenged, learned and have fought our way through traditional, natural and other methods to try and beat the myths and the hype to find what works for horses.

At Seriously Tacky we simply want to offer sound advice based on logic, science and fact, that is then tried, tested and proven by us, our friends and clients to make sure we understand the true value of a product and method.


Listening, understanding, thinking and then seeing the results is the only way to progress, but you have to be open to it, for the sake of you and your horse’s development.

Me and My Boy, Will-am - my partially sighted, epileptic bubba... 

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