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LeichtGenuss is an ideal feed for horses on box rest; it is also highly suitable in helping to prevent boredom and as a concentrate substitute for horses with metabolic issues such as EMS, PPID (ECS) or for overweight horses.

LeichtGenuss is based on a high-fibre mix of low-energy meadow grasses and herbs, green oats and high-quality straw. Its high-structure content lengthens feeding times, keeps the horse occupied, and promotes chewing activity. This stimulates saliva production to keep the stomach in good health and promote healthy digestion overall through high-fibre ingredients.

The combination of ginkgo and nettle provides natural vital substances reputed to boost circulation and inhibit inflammation. LeichtGenuss is also enhanced with a small amount of root vegetables for a delicious taste.



  • Natural, high-fibre feed that’s suitable for all horses
  • Supplement for low-structure feeds
  • Especially for easy doers and overweight horses
  • For horses with sensitive metabolisms
  • High-quality slow feed for in-between
  • Ideal for horses on box rest

The design of our LeichtGenuss is slightly shifted and thus differs from the (and intended) packaging shown here. Since the design has no influence on the product quality and we are aware of our economic and ecological responsibility, we would like to use the packaging despite optical savings.


Complementary feed for horses, Composition: Green oats, Straw, Meadow grasses and herbs, Nettle, Ginkgo, Carrot cubes, Rosehip peel, Parsnip, cubes, Beetroot, Raspberry leaves, Blackberry leaves, Cornflower blossoms

AGROB LeichtGenuss [light chaff] New Formula

VAT Included
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