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Experience warmth at will and on the go. "Katla" W’s Puffer Vest provides instant warmth at your convenience, without the need for bulky clothes or several layers. At a push of the logo button at the front of the garment, an electrical heating system activates to wrap your upper body in a warm embrace.


The "Katla" Puffer Vest is an ideal outdoor companion in cold weather - or when you need to take a break and keep warm between training sessions. Close-to-body fit and low weight allows for maximum comfort and freedom of movement. 

This vest features warm padding as well as the incorporated electrical heating system, which is powered by a portable power bank of your choice. The settings allow you to choose between three levels of heat: low (45° C.), medium (50° C.), or high (55° C.). 

The vest is lined with our Welltex®️ fabric, giving it an additional advantage: the effect of reflected infrared energy; in this case, harnessed from both body heat and the heat produced by the electrical heating system. 

Instant warmth at will 
Incorporated electrical heating system 
Lining infused with Welltex®️ 
Lightweight and comfortable 
Zipped pockets at front 

General features: 
• 5V/7,4V Heated Clothes 
• Heating: Far Infrared Heating Technology 
• Temp: Three settings: Low (45° C.), Medium (50° C.), or High (55° C.). 
• Charger: 5V USB Power bank / 7,4V Battery (POWERBANK NOT INCLUDED WITH THE VEST)


Turn on: 
• Connect the USB / DC Power 
• Press and hold the LED controller for three seconds to turn the product on. 

To change the heating setting: 
• Press the LED controller for 1 sec to cycle through the settings (High/Medium/Low)
• Red LED light indicates a High (55° C.) setting 
• White LED light indicates a Medium (50° C.) setting 
• Blue LED light indicates a Low (45° C.) setting 

Turn off: 
• Press and hold the LED controller until the light turns off



Back on Track "Katla" W's Heated Gilet

VAT Included
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