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STRANGE ANTICS Chris Blackmore debuts with a brilliANT picture book that can be used as a teaching tool. Have you ever let your imagination wander when seeing a nest of ants, with the inmates scurrying from one place to another? In Chris Blackmore's delightful debut picture book, Strange Antics, there is so much more to ant life than meets the eye... including a dastardly ransom plot! It's a joyous time for most of these ants, as the Queen is expecting, but her food supplies are getting low. Luckily for the colony, Sergeant is on the case and is organising the Assistants to bring food and nest building material to the Queen’s abode. What he doesn't know is that elsewhere the Miscreants are plotting to seize power of the ant colony by kidnapping the Queen and holding her for ransom! Strange antics are much in evidence in the cleverly constructed nest. The inspiration for the story came from Chris' time as a patient at UCLH whilst receiving chemotherapy in the Ambulatory Care Unit, during the summer of 2018. "The unit, which is efficiently run with a combination of expertise and empathy, seemed to me to incorporate a strange mixture of interrelationships (between patients, staff and patients, and visiting family and friends)," says Chris, who lives in Bovingdon, Herts. "I witnessed antics which, at times, were humorous, occasionally strange, yet often tinged with sadness. I decided to use my time there to create a children's book entitled Strange Antics. My intention was to write a book with an educational bias which would still be fun to read. Hopefully school teachers will take the opportunity to utilise the book in class - reading out loud, art lessons, science lessons and even maybe staging a play!" He adds: "I have promised Hemel Hempstead Hospital that I will attempt to raise funds from the sale of this book and contribute to the purchase of a much needed phlebotomist's chair." A charming story that will delight all readers, but especially those aged 7 and older. Strange Antics is beautifully illustrated by Todd Moxey and will leave you with a smile on your face.

Strange Antics by Chris Blackmore [signed]