The stunning New Duet rug is designed using two different weights of Thermatex fabric.  

At the top covering the back, it features the ever popular wicking SHR fabric which works by drawing excess moisture away from the horse before releasing it into the atmosphere. 

The bottom section of the rug is manufactured using the lightweight breathable TKCS fabric. By combining the two, horses will enjoy the benefit of wearing a rug that is able to keep the back warm whilst also enjoy increased airflow around the lower part of its body - a perfect choice for Spring or nippy summer days. 

The rug features a belly strap for easy use (cross surcingles can be added by request) and double front quick release side buckles at the chest. It is also reinforced at the shoulders and over the wither.

Thermatex Duet Horse Rug

£175.00 Regular Price
£157.50Sale Price
Sales Tax Included
Colour: Navy/Grey