We offer 2-3 week as standard but can offer faster services on request for those times when you just have to get it clean quickly.

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Turnout Wash & Reproof

Stable Wash Only

Fly Sheets, Coolers, Fleeces & Thermatex Wash Only

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Pile of Mucky Rugs
  • When preparing rugs for delivery or drop off,  please ensure they are clearly Rugs are all laundered locally using only top brands of specialist detergents.

  • Turnaround time is 2-3 weeks, however our aim is to have them returned sooner. 

  • Repairs are undertaken only if cost effective to client, and start at £3.50.

  • For horse health and hygiene, repairs can only be carried out on clean rugs.

  • All rugs are returned wrapped and sealed, though it is recommended not to store for long periods of time in plastic bags.