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From the same folk that bring you Filtabac, another handy product to have to hand. 


How to Use AMHVet Cream:

  • Apply directly onto the area requiring care - AMHVet Cream will minimize irritation of the skin area it is applied to.
  • A dressing is not required to hold the cream in place as it does not warm up and run off 
  • The cream forms a waterproof film over the area concerned
  • Cover with a dressing is necessary only if the animal is likely to be able to reach the wound and lick it off 
  • Once the area treated is no longer irritated, the use of AMHVet may be ceased and the area can be covered with FiltaBac Cream to allow the skin to breathe and recover naturally. No need for a dressing with FiltaBac either!
  • AMHVet Cream has a skin soluble surfactant added to maximize surface contact. 
  • AMHVet Cream should not be used when a sterile dressing is required after surgical procedures


AMHVet Cream 25% maintains the all the benefits of NZ active manuka honey . 

The AMHVet Cream has the added advantage that it will adhere, maintaining its form, and cover skin areas without running off. 

For skin areas with minor irritation, repeated cover applications of AMHVet Cream will protect and soothe the skin. 

Application of a dressing or covering the area with a dressing may be required.



VAT Included
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