Bridle Fitting


We fit mainly Elevator Bridles as they offer the greatest flexibility but can also fit Jeffries & Stubben options and combine with Equiture browbands


We fit at your own yard or on site just like our saddle fitting services. 

Saddle Re-Flocking


A flocked saddle should be completely re-flocked every 2-3 years according to the Society of Master Saddlers. Do check yours regularly by running your hands equally down the panels firmly, they shouldn’t feel hard or lumpy, if they do then please get in touch. It should feel even and firm yet soft to touch so your horse has the greatest level of comfort under saddle with balanced and symmetrical distribution of weight.

[Left - Flocking Lesson 1 - NEVER MIX FLOCK TYPES!!]

Saddle Repairs [Minor/Aesthetic]


We are able to hand stitch girth straps and complete flap stitch repairs .If we need to re-seat or re-tree a saddle then we will send this back to the saddle manufactures to complete. Price for any repairs will be provided prior to any work being completed.

[Left: Mono Flap Saddle Flap Repair, both sides]

Bridle, Head Collar or Other Leather Repair


We can repair any bridle work. Leather is the best material to use on your horse as it gives under excessive pressure so when “things” hit the fan, the leather breaks, not your horse. We can provide repairs to original standard or quick fixes depending on your requirements/investment.

[Left: Breast Plate Repair]

Bespoke Leather Work

Bridles, Headcollars are all within our repertoire so if you horse isn’t exactly a Full, but not exactly Cob then let us create a “Flob” size. With our pattern maker we can ensure your horse get’s the right fit for comfort and safety.


We can also provide dog collars, dog leads, belts & bracelets. If you need something special, get in touch. Padded, rolled, plaited, raised and fancy stitching


[Left: M2M Headcollar Havana with 3/4″ leather, linen stitching, rolled throat lash and brass buckles]

Leather Boxes

If you have something special, protected or just stylish in mind contact us about the leather boxes and containers we can create for you.

[Left: Circular box with lid]