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The "Carpus" 2 wrist brace is lined with Welltex® technology to stimulate blood circulation. Increased blood circulation can contribute to better recovery and improved mobility by making tendons and joints more flexible and soft. The wrist brace has a soft support cushion in the palm, filled with soft pearls to create a tailored fit against the palm. Rails (removable) to maintain a good position during sleep. Easy to pull on and adjusts with hook-and-loop fasteners. Perforated SBR for ventilation. 

The wrist brace is an excellent alternative for keeping the wrist straight during the night. It also helps for recovery and preparation for a better tomorrow. 

"Carpus" 2 can help relieve the discomfort of those with stiff, weak or injured wrists, such as rheumatism, osteoarthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome. Can be used for rehabilitation, faster recovery and injury prevention.


Welltex® technology 
Soft and comfortable cushioning
Supports a natural position 
Detachable rails 
Easy to put on / off 
Can be used on both hands

One Size

Back on Track "Carpus" II Wrist Support with Splint and Cushion

VAT Included
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