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Back on Track® Scandic PK Leg Wraps


Resulting from a long association with Back on Track AB, Patrik Kittel, and his horse Scandic, co-operated in the development of the Scandic PK Pads.


These pads are stitched in channels and lined with the unique Welltex® ceramic infused fabric, which givies the horse improved blood flow and optimumair circulation. The outer layer of stretch Terry material ensures easy application, without risks of wrinkles or slippage, so can be used during training,transportation and ideal as support under stable bandaging, to keep help your horse in optimal condition. Sold in pairs.



 A/ 30cm x 40cm

 B/ 40cm x 40cm 

 C/ 50cm x 50cm


Colour:  Black


Back on Track® Scandic PK Leg Wraps Pair

VAT Included
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