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The Barrier Health Kiwi and Lime Conditioning Shampoo is a revitalising shampoo for horses that can also be used on dogs. 

This versatile shampoo provides both conditioning and cleansing benefits, making it suitable for use all over your horse's body, including the mane and tail. Specifically designed for use with the traditional lather and rinse technique, this formulated shampoo offers nourishing properties of coconut oil and avocado oil, helping to maintain a healthy coat while providing essential moisture. The natural cleansing properties of kiwi and lime work together to leave your horse's coat clean and refreshed. 

Whether you're regularly washing your horses or preparing them for a show, this Barrier Health Kiwi and Lime Conditioning Shampoo is an excellent addition to your horses or canines care routine.

Barrier Kiwi & Lime Shampoo

VAT Included
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