BUSSE Reitsport Continental Long Reining kit includes

1. Busse Leather Roller w. Terrets - £110 

2. Busse Memory Foam Pad - £40 or PolyPad pad £30  

3. Busse 16m (firm only) or 18m (soft/firm)  Reins - £45

Bundle offer £185/175

Why is this better, seems a lot?

1. Flocked whither pad relieves pressure from the trapezius muscles to ensure your horse isn’t restricted and can move freely
2. Variable Ds to get the perfect position for your horse
3. Screw in terets to lift the reins and contact so your horse is schooled correctly from the ground
4. Busse Memory foam pad with fleece for additional comfort and support
5. Made from leather so it will literally last you a life time, if well cared for


Pad - Memory Foam Type material to be supportive and protective.  


Reins - 16m is for a smaller horse - 14.2 type only. 

Reins - Firm or Soft on the 18m, completely personal preference. 


Can be used with your bridle or we do offer a Busse padded Cavesson with Ds to connect to - £22

BUSSE BUNDLE Continental long reining set