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Introduced, due to popular demand. 


  • 100% waterproof and breathable.
  • Retro Reflective tape on rug and tail.
  • Lightweight with a insulated quilt lining.
  • 100g Polyester wickable insulation (horses have higher body temperatures than us and they will be exercising when wearing this quarter rug)
  • 4 strong, adjustable fastening straps.
  • 2 leg straps.
  • Easy to fit.
  • Large tail guard for extra visibility.
  • Easy Care.
  • Sizes Shetland - XFull


Equisafety is the only manufacturer of BREATHABLE high viz exercise rugs in the UK.


Not only are Equisafety® garments built to last, they are easy to care for. Routine care will ensure excellent performance and extend their useful life. Be sure to follow the care instructions - typically found on the inside tag. Always keep your garments clean for maximum visual impact.


XFull - Up to 17.2hh Stable Rug 6.6ft - 7ft+

Horse Up to 16.2hh Stable Rug 6.3ft - 6.6ft

Cob Up to 15.2hh Stable Rug 6ft - 6.3ft

Pony - Up to 13.2hh Stable Rug 5.9ft - 6ft

Show Pony - Up to 12.2hh Stable Rug 5.6ft

Shetland - Up to 11.2hh Stable Rug 5.3ft


VAT Included
Colour: Yellow/Orange
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