100% natural detangling spray contains organic mint and apple essential oils which are renowned for their antibacterial & cleansing properties but with the added benefit of coconut which nourishes manes and tails.


Top tip:- if you need to plait a mane but don't have time to wash it, spray some of "Eau de Neigh" on the roots where it can look dirty and scurfy.


Our spray will miraculously absorb the dust and leave your mane looking refreshed. You can also spray onto the mane after plaiting to provide an all round shine and show ring finish. The judges will also appreciate the divine smell too.


Great for cleaning tack too (please note we recommend you patch test and are not to be held responsible for any damages but do personally recommend it from using on our own tack and boots)

Hawkins Organic i'Eau de Neigh' - Apple & Mint Detangling Spray

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