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Thin Adjustable 
Size: Full | Colour: Black

Base: 1/4" closed-cell medical grade Prolite foam 
Pockets: Two front | Two middle | Two rear
Removeable shims supplied: Set of six 1/4" shims 
Spine length: 53.5cm


Based on a thin wide pad to minimise bulk, this is a slimmed down version of our popular adjustable pad affectionately known as “the saddle fitter’s friend”.


Provides quick easy front or rear adjustment when trying to balance a saddle. Set on a thin base to keep bulk to a minimum, this three-pocketed pad provides endless solutions when trying to balance a saddle on a horse with asymmetric conformation or during a remedial fit.

Also helpful for the sway backed or croup high horse.

The Tri-Pad has six pockets so is probably our most versatile tool for the saddle fitter because adjustment can be made at either the front, middle and rear, plus balance adjustments side to side. This makes it useful for a horse with asymmetrical conformation and can also be the solution for a horse with a dippy back, an older horse for example, where you can just shim the central sections.

Prolite Thin Tri Pad Relief Pad - Black

VAT Included
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