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9 x 60 g Bucket Bombs


A non-rinse wash off product with a difference.


See Change Now have brought Non-rinse wash products bang up to date with See Change Bucket Bombs.  Meeting all of the high ethical values so important to our brand, all the practical elements of Bath Bombs adapted for a bucket. Plastic free packaging and a naturally low carbon foot print offering everyone a better choice for their horses skin.


Packed full of medicinal, human grade magnesium and sulphate, otherwise known as Epsom Salts and combined with Almond oil and 100% high grade Lavender oils, See Change Bucket Bombs have wide and varying use in the everyday management of horses.  A product we know you will love.


For perfect non-rinse wash off after fast exercise or competition.


One Bucket Bomb dropped into a bucket of cold water making an all over rinse post fast exercise.  Loaded with calm and soothing lavender oil released in the water with fizz and effervescence.  The Epsom Salt and Almond Oil creating a cleansing wash, free from hidden ingredients and chemicals.


See Change Bucket Bombs deliver a soothing yet invigorating wash ideal following fast work.  Lavender lifts the wash a favourite essential oil used for antiseptic, anti fungal properties as well as the well known analgesic and sedative effects of lavender.  As with almost all essential oils, evidence of course is anecdotal however societies have for generations used and found great effect and we use as much oil as we can in our formulations.


For a Hot cloth treatment after clipping.

One Bucket Bomb in half a bucket of hand hot water.  The combination of Almond Oil and Lavender create a hot clothing treatment to lift the dullest of coats.  Soothing the skin, lifting grime, leaving the coat and skin shiny and smooth creating an unbelievable result and a calming aroma to calm the senses.


For a functional tendon wash.


Use half a Bucket Bomb, in a third of a bucket of  warm water and apply with soaked towels.  Traditional properties of Epsom salts are said to aid sore and tight muscles and tendons. The Lavender and Almond Oils are calming and soothing to the skin.

See Change Now - No Rinse Bucket Wash Bombs

VAT Included
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