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STABILITY is obtained thanks to a 2.5° sloped tread equipped with a toothed grip (105 teeth).


DURABILITY our stirrups undergo a special mechanical process aimed at enhancing their durability.


DESIGN the unique design of our stirrups allows them to easily follow foot movements while jumping.


“Venice EVO” riding stirrups are provided with a revolutionary safety mechanism which, in case of need, allows a section of the ring to open, thus easing the release of the foot; thereafter, thanks to a specific spring, the section gets back in its original position.


The spring allows the moving part to stay closed during horse riding activities and to open only when a certain pressure is applied. The locking mechanism of the moving part is cushioned by a rubber insert on the ring which allows it to be particularly reactive in case of need.


Like all the patented Tech Stirrups they are 100% made in Italy. Made from aluminium billet and then fastened with stainless steel screws. They are anodised (20μm treatment) to preserve their aesthetic quality.



  • Tread dimensions: 120x65mm (4-3/4 in)
  • Slope: 2.5°
  • Concave
  • Matt finish
  • Foot support to prevent it to slip sideways


Suitable for British Eventing


The patented grip has been designed to grant excellent adherence even in case of quick movements, which do not get restrained, thanks to the lightness of the stirrup.


Venice light stirrups have been designed with a 3 ° sloped tread and a concave pad to ensure proper foot placement, thus improving stability.


This model is suitable for an easy replacement of the pad.


The shape of the stirrup leather loop itself has been conceived so to allow adjustments and effortless mounting.


Our stirrups does not need special leathers. Classic stirrup leathers can be used


VAT Included
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