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With the ThinLine Flexible Grazing Muzzle, you give your horse all the great benefits with the turnout. You allow your horse to stay happy, socialize, exercise, and still meet its digestive health needs.


ThinLine Flexible Grazing Muzzle, No-Rub, Gentle on Teeth and Skin, Works perfectly with Waterers


ThinLine Flexible Grazing Muzzle (with adjustable hole size!)

Our ThinLine Flexible Grazing Muzzle is designed to be softer, lighter, and less confining! No more cage! The perfect grazing muzzle for horses, ponies, and drafts! Pasture time with friends keeps horses active both mentally and physically. From the exercise to the fresh air, without the risks of consuming too much nutrient-rich grass.


Benefits and Features of our ThinLine Flexible Grazing Muzzle

  • No rub grazing muzzle
  • Our ThinLine flexible grazing muzzle is gentle on skin, teeth, and lips.  Softer, lighter, and safer. 
  • Works perfectly with all waterers (also automatic waterers)
  • Has UV protection for delicate noses.
  • Adjustable hole size to meet the grazing needs of all horses
  • Incredibly flexible and very lightweight.  Horses no longer bother wearing one!
  • Durable material


Not sure yet?


Why do you need a horse grazing muzzle?

Preventing overgrazing, undesirable weight gain, laminitis disease, colic, and obesity are among the most serious diseases. Grazing and weight management are truly very important parts of prevention. Grazing throughout the day plays a critical role in equine digestive health since the constant presence of grass keeps stomach acids occupied and balanced.


With our ThinLine Flexible Grazing Muzzle, you give your horse all the great benefits with the turnout. You allow your horse to stay happy, socialize, exercise, and still meet its digestive health needs.


This ThinLine Flexible Grazing Muzzle is unlike the typical heavy, challenging, and “cage-like” apparatus of the past. We listened to horse owners just like you and designed this to be softer, lighter, and less confining. Constructed of a durable and pliable material that radically improves comfort, it is also soft on equine teeth and lips.


The Flexible Filly Grazing Muzzle is well-ventilated and safe, rated to break just before your turnout halter.


Our ThinLine Flexible Grazing Muzzle is unlike any typical heavy, hard, and “cage-like” apparatus of the past.


What size to pick for the ThinLine Flexible Grazing Muzzle? 

Our ThinLine Grazing Muzzle for Horses comes in 3 sizes:

  • Mini / Pony grazing muzzle
  • COB / Horse grazing muzzle
  • Oversize / Draft grazing muzzle


Which one to choose? 

You can choose the same size as you have your halter.  So if you have a pony Halter, you choose the ThinLine pony grazing muzzle.  Easy peasy!


About Grazing Muzzle Hole Sizes. Good to know!

Veterinarian recommendations for safe grazing in a grazing muzzle for Horses is a 3.5 to 4 cm grazing hole for 24/7, full-time grazing and 2cm for very restricted grazing, often required for horses with metabolic issues.
The industry standard is ±3cm.

Now it is easy to work with your veterinarian and ensure horses are safely turned out to graze on any pasture.

The 3 cm hole of the Flexible Filly Grazing Muzzle may be enlarged to meet any grazing need. All you need is a pair of scissors.


What will you need for your ThinLine Flexible Grazing Muzzle?

We recommend you commit a dedicated well-fitting Break Away Turnout Halter to your horse’s muzzle.  It generally takes about 10 minutes to get everything perfect the first time you install a ThinLine Flexible Grazing Muzzle. 



Step 1

Use the enclosed paper ties or a string to discover the best holes to secure your horse muzzle to your halter.  The paper ties are a temporary tool allowing you to easily adjust the fit.


Step 2

Two of the “fins” have a triangle cut out. These attach to the square (side) rings on your turnout halter. Three fins will connect to the noseband, one in the center, and the other two fall naturally to the sides of the center.  Three fins will connect to the chin band; one in the center, two naturally to the sides of the center.


Step 3

First, secure each triangle cut-out fin with one of the enclosed low-profile cable ties.  Do not wrap the fins around the halter, doing so may cause rubs.


Step 4

When properly installed, the grazing muzzle should be close to but not touching the nose of the horse. If the grazing muzzle is touching the nose simply make the fins under the chin longer, this will lift the muzzle away from the nose.


Step 5

Once you are satisfied you have the correct holes aligned to the halter please remove the paper ties or string and permanently secure the horse muzzle with the included cable ties.  After finding the best fit for your horse, simply trim the excess fin material just above the top hole being used.


It is fine to wait a day or two to ensure your muzzle is a comfortable distance from your horse’s mouth before trimming.  The “keeper” on the cable tie is on the outside of the muzzle and the excess is facing down and trimmed close.


If you have fitted the grazing muzzle properly and the muzzle is the correct size it will work famously. If you find there is too much grazing room be sure your fins are snugly secured to your halter.  The fins should not move along the noseband if it does simply pull the cable tie tighter.

ThinLine Flexible Grazing Muzzle - No-Rub

VAT Included
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