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All the way from Erie, Colorado! We have been using these on the yard for years and I finally decided we needed to stock them in the shop as nothing comes close to these...


Unbendable, Unbreakable, Unbeatable!


Easy-grip handle fits solidly in your hand

Superior ergonomic design removes the toughest, packed-in dirt

Built to last a lifetime


Tackle your worst packed-in mud, dirt and even snow with ease


The Ultimate Hoofpick, aka "The Jackhammer"!


Tired of cheap, hard-to-grip hoofpicks that force you to do all of the work? Tired of constantly replacing poorly-constructed hoofpicks that break and bend? Looking for a quality tool that will do the job right? Then The Ultimate Hoofpick is the pick for you! Comfort and efficiency were top priorities in its design.


The ergonomically superior Ultimate Hoofpick is solidly built, worth every penny and the last you’ll ever need, guaranteed. When you have to dig out mud and snow that has turned as hard as concrete in your horse’s hooves, be sure The Ultimate Hoofpick is in your tack box to get the job done.


Quick and easy, just like a tool should.


Adult 8"

Junior 6.5"

Ultimate Hoof Pick

VAT Included
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