Pure wool covers made in the UK by Griffin Nuumed designed specially to fit The Ultimate Muzzle. Set to cover head piece and cheek pieces to help prevent rubbing. 


Wool Chin Pad for The Ultimate Muzzle. Extra Protection for those sensitive types!


Can be washed on a cool wash.


How to fit Wool Chin Pad:

To fit a wool chin pad to your Ultimate Muzzle, undo the velcro on the near side throat strap to release the upright strap at the back.


Thread the upright strap through the slot at the top of the pad, re thread the throat strap and fasten the velcro.


Use the small velcro straps on the pad to thread through the gaps at the back of the muzzle and fasten on the outside.


If fitting the pad to a small pony or pony size you will need to cross the velcro so one top strap velcros to the opposite side bottom strap diagonally When they are done up it will make an X. Alternatively you can fold the bottom part under and do the velcro up horizontally.

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